Job / Internship Opportunity in New York City

26 Feb

Job / Internship Opportunity

Company Name: Maggie Jeans

Maggie Jeans is currently seeking a wholesale sales intern. If you’re interested in a career in fashion this is an ideal way to gain experience and knowledge as well as an excellent opportunity to be a part of a great international company. The intern will work directly with the Sales Director on the women’s collection. Candidates applying must have completed a college degree, in the midst of studying for one in the field of fashion, or have a serious passion to establish a career in the Fashion field. The internship requires immediate occupancy. This is an unpaid internship. Applicants will be able to receive college credit, letters of
recommendation, and assistance with job placement.

Job Position:

Wholesales Fashion Assistant Internship


– Assist the Sales Director with sample trafficking
– Assist the Sales Director with market appointments and order entry
– Help update reports on a weekly basis
– Help create sales related materials
– Assist with general administrative duties as necessary

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

Job/ Internship Opportunity in New York City

26 Feb

Job / Internship Opportunity

Company Name: Esquire Footwear

Esquire Footwear, a private label shoe manufacturer is seeking fashion savvy, self-motivated interns for our high-paced 5th Avenue showroom. Interns will not only assist in the daily running of our showroom, but will be involved in all processes of our shoe manufacturing. From the initial stages of designing, to production and sales, our interns get hands on experience from industry professionals.

Job Position:

Design Internship
Showroom Internship

Job requirement:

Available to start ASAP
– Responsible
– Organized
– Strong work ethic
– Interested in fashion
– Able to multi-task
– Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
– Knowledgeable in Adobe software is a plus! (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
– Available at least 2 or more days a week
– Previous fashion experience is a plus (but not required)

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to


Cute mail box in New York!

13 Dec

Cute mail box in New York!

I accidentally came across with on 34th st. It’s so cute! Holiday is coming, and everything is ready to celebrate!


Time goes back

12 Dec

time goes back

Take out your vintage clothes, enjoy a small strip back to the old time. starting from Nov. 25 to Dec. 30, every sunday.


12 Dec

(1) 一位旅行者在埃及买了一枚印有“公元前三世纪”字样的金币向他人夸耀,考古学家却说他上当了,为什么?
(2) 你连续十次向上扔硬币,每一次掉在地面上都是正面向上。假设一切情况照旧,你第十一次扔硬币,正面向上的可能性是百分之几。
(3) 有一个人在自由市场上买进两只鸡,在回家路上两个熟人要买他的鸡,他只好把鸡卖了。每只卖价6元,其中一只赚了20%,另一只亏了20%。请问这个人到底是赚了多少钱,还是亏了多少钱,还是不赚不亏?
(4) 你在甲地招聘员工,那里的人不是绝对的说谎者,就是绝对的诚实者。有一位应聘者走进来,他看上去是一位诚实者。他说,下一位女应聘者告诉他,她是一位说谎者。他说的是实话吗?
(5) 两枚宇宙火箭同时发射,方向相反,哪一枚飞得更快一些?
(6) 六千六百零六元写成6606元。现在请你尽快写出十一千、十一百又十一这个数。
(7) 有五个人进行汽车竞赛,先后到达终点的情况是:李威不是第一,王明不是第一也不是最后,赵山在李威后面,孙乐不是第二名,朱英在孙乐后面。请你排出五个人到达的顺序。
(8) 下列数列中少了一个什么数? 3、7、15、( )、63、127……
(9) 如果40个工人在2小时内能生产出20个零件,那么2个工人生产10个零件要花多少小时?
(10) 有只蜗牛要从一口井底爬出来。井深20尺。蜗牛每天白天向上爬3尺,晚上向下滑2尺。请问该蜗牛几天才能爬出井口?
(11) 有生、熟鸡蛋各一个,将它们旋转一下,怎样区别这两种蛋?
(12) 小马不吃鱼和菠菜,小林不吃鱼和蚕豆,小吴不吃河虾和马铃薯,小方不吃排骨和蘑菇,小季不吃鱼和蘑菇。现在请你为这几位挑剔的客人准备晚餐,下列菜谱中你可选用哪几种菜?
(13) 有个人最不喜欢正方形的东西。一次,一位不了解情况的木匠给他做了一个正方形的窗户。他生气地命令木匠重做。但是窗户的面积又不能变。你说,木匠怎样改做这个窗户呢?

Instructions for Application

12 Dec
  • Please read carefully and print/write clearly.
  • Please complete entire sections of the application in English.
  • Please submit a non-refundable application fee of $150 with your completed application form.
  • Determine your status (i.e., transfer, initial, or overseas) and collect the necessary documents;



Transfer Student


Initial Student outside the US


Initial Student inside the US


Copy of valid passport




Copy of Visa






Copy of I-94 form






Original bank statement not older than 30 days or affidavit of support or financial certificate


(Minimum $8,000 **)


(Minimum $18,000 **)


(Minimum $18,000 **)

Transfer form from previous institute







Copy of I-20 form issued by previous school






Original diploma from highest level of education completed





I-20 Application (I-901) fee of $200*





USCIS (I-539) fee of $300* for changing status






Change of status service fee of $300






Textbook fee, registration fee, tuition, international express mail fee


$100 registration + $60 Book


$100 registration + $60 Book


$100 registration + $60 Book

* The application fee, USCIS, SEVIS, and change of status fees are non-refundable even if the visa is rejected.

** Minimum financial requirements are higher if dependents are applying.

MACS Contact Information:

Phone:     (646) 383-8663

Fax:          (212) 564-0449



Santa is coming!

12 Dec

Santa is coming!

Do you still remember your first Christmas gift? Now this weekend, Santa is or Santas are coming! Take a photo with them, and maybe they will give a small present!


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