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Cute mail box in New York!

13 Dec

Cute mail box in New York!

I accidentally came across with on 34th st. It’s so cute! Holiday is coming, and everything is ready to celebrate!


Time goes back

12 Dec

time goes back

Take out your vintage clothes, enjoy a small strip back to the old time. starting from Nov. 25 to Dec. 30, every sunday.


Santa is coming!

12 Dec

Santa is coming!

Do you still remember your first Christmas gift? Now this weekend, Santa is or Santas are coming! Take a photo with them, and maybe they will give a small present!


world in American’s eye

11 Dec

world in American's eye

This is interesting lol


What you gonna do with all this snow?

9 Dec

What you gonna do with all this snow?

what about make a cute Totoro?
———-photo from Internet


Did you notice these warm reminder in this cold cold winter?

6 Dec

Did you notice these warm reminder in this cold cold winter?

These warm signs are secretly showing up in New York City


Don’t forget to have a look

5 Dec

Don't forget to have a look

The Holiday Market near Columbus Circle now is opening. There are snacks, accessories, decorations. Don’t forget to have a look and you may find something interesting.